Digital Marketing services in HImayatnagar

We offer all kinds of Digital marketing services to different businesses like schools, gyms, e-commerce, consultancies and other B2B businesses. Located at Himayatnagar, we cater complete Hyderabad and even beyond that.

The need for Digital Marketing is most important than ever, considering the fact that we as a customer search for brands with good online presence only to assume them even bigger brand. 

India has around 40 to 45% of their population using internet (says world bank) and also their buying pattern, changes based on the content they grasp on the internet. It makes the market of Digital Marketing even wider to supply the demand of Digital Marketing services and the competition to look better, bigger and smarter in the eyes of customer. 

List Of Digital Marketing Services in Himayatnagar Being Offered:

Our list of services does include complete end to end Digital marketing needs but to sum it up for everyone to understand, here’s bucket list of services we offer in the field of Digital Marketing for different businesses.

SEO Services:

Search presence on Google and other search engines is vital role for any business and our service, Search Engine Optimisation helps make the website better in all aspects, mainly content and technical.


If you are looking for SEO Services in Himayat Nagar, do reach us out as we have good number of case studies to support the expertise of the team.  

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others requires sheer amount of dedication and planning to make sure your brand looks great, as the competition for gaining followers, reaching customers and attempt to increase that reach is never ending task. 


Our approach to Social media marketing services is based on content smartness and how to promote without promoting anything directly. Sounds confusing? Let’s discuss this over a cup of Coffee… or tea or whatever. 

Content Writing Services: 

Content is the biggest USP for any business and it shapes the way of how people look at a business. Interestingly, website, social platforms, youtube and even a post on a random meme page of your fav Instagram page requires content and how it contributes to a brand, or a company. Everybody searching for a work from home assumes themselves as a content writer without understanding how the psychological impact of the content will be. 


To uplift the content writing services we offer at Himayat Nagar, we’ve hired people not on basis of their english, but on the basis of their intellect. 

Paid Advertisment on Google, Facebook Services:

Advertisement is like oxygen. Its not like we can’t live with it, its just everywhere. Skip ads on YouTube, Sponsored posts on Instagram, Promoted posts on Facebook and worst of all, ads that we can’t skip. 


Our paid ad services includes Google ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, YouTube Ads and more. Where, the creation of ad, creation of strategy, execution of campaigns and alot more is offered with PPC ad services in Himayatnagar. 

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services in Himayat Nagar:

The pricing for the Digital marketing services ofcourse, varies with business, their requirement, and scale. To just feed some information to the users, we’re putting up these prices, which are likely to change from time to time. 

Digital Marketing Services in Himayatnagar: 

Service PlatformsPricing For Domestic ProjectPricing For International Project
SEOGoogle, Bing, YahooFor 10 Keywords, INR 18,000 for a monthFor 10 Keywords, INR 25,000 for a month
SMMFacebook, Instagram, LinkedINFor 12 Postings, INR 18,000 for a monthFor 12 Postings, INR 25,000 for a month
PPC AdsYouTube, Apps, Sites etcFor 1 Campaign INR 7,000 for a month.For 1 Campaign INR 15,000 for a month.
Content WritingNot ApplicablePricing varies but basic pricing is 2,500 for a article.Pricing varies but basic pricing is 3,500 for a article.

Expertise of Fahad Hasan For Digital Marketing Services: 

Fahad Hasan who is also a professor and a consultant for several Indian and International firms for their Digital Marketing needs has an experience of more than 7 years and his office includes most of his skilled students who’s now associates. 


His Digital Marketing exposure was with bigger clients like Devi Sri Prasad’s USA Concert, Prime Video movie, and several local businesses like Prominent Overseas, LivLife Hospitals, KC Overseas, Charms Salon (all branches). His clientele also includes NGOs like SSGMV, Seruds etc. 

Other Important FAQs For Digital Marketing Services In Himayat Nagar: 

Yes, it helps. To begin with local businesses, Local SEO Services will be the best useful. 

Kinda yes and no. The average expenditure goes upto INR 15 to 20K monthly. 

Yes, most of the packages that we offer has customized needs of the client’s business.

The scaling of the business requires much more than just good online presence. Digital Marketing is intended to gain more inquiries.