Recruitment and hiring services in Himayatnagar

HR Recruitment Services in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad

HR recruitment is basically staffing services that helps different companies hire right kind of resources. Fahad Hasan’s Office is located in Himayatnagar and caters entire Hyderabad for man power recruitment for non IT job roles like BDE, Counsellors, Operations, Supply Chain etc.

There are several recruitment companies catering either MNCs or complete IT roles. Though the requirement for smaller companies (often referred as SME) needs non IT resources, the provider for the same in the market is absolutely nil. 

This is where we at Fahad Hasan’s Office tries to fill the gap and the process of our filtration & screening of candidates are different.

Process For HR Recruitment Services:

The interview and screening process at Fahad Hasan’s Office includes total grooming of a candidate where they’re not just trained for skills but also trained for professionalism. 

1st Step of Recruitment:

Screening of candidates for their right attitude, behaviour, patience and their alignment of vision with company’s. 

2nd Step of Recruitment:

Validating skills suitable for the job role that include both technical and non-technical skills with various 

Charges For HR Recruitment Services 

Recruitment charges for the companies depends on the profile, experience and number of screening process:

Recruitment Charges  Tenure of Candidate Replacement Upto
8% of CTC from Company After completing 30 days Within 3 months
20% of Candidates Payroll Every month paycheck Anytime when candidate leaves


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